Who We Are

Fatima Bin Sumait

Position: Graphical User Interface

Responsible for: the frontend user interface; bringing the backend into a user friendly application; collecting the information needed into the database from the user whilst upholding the privacy; providing features to make user navigation easy.

Ronny Maichle

Position: Backend and a bit of Frontend

Responsible of the setup of the database hosting and population, connecting the frontend with the backend, and creating most of the web services and the APIs for the database. Was overall in charge with connecting services together and managing the client-server side connections.

Philippe Nadon

Position: Backend, Data Management, Hosting, Deployment, Dev-tools, UI

Responsible for the hosting and deployment of the app, as well as researching and implementing the frameworks/technologies used. Was also responsible for filtering/managing databases, backend calculations, version control, and user interface consistency/quality.

Peter Zung

Position: Visionary, Communications, and Backend

Mainly responsible for: leading the vision of the project; the correspondence between the team and the City of Calgary; research; the implementation of Google APIs for the calculation logic in the backend.